Your Best Year Yet (On Your Terms)

We know that this post is competing with say, maybe 3,567,897 other posts about how to have your best year yet, how to set your goals and meet them, how to be the most fit, healthy and happy version of you to date and the list goes on.

But THIS post really will help to start your year right, set yourself up for success (real success) and enjoy doing so on your terms.

What does that mean?  

Well, simply put, the video below will help you:

STOP RACING AGAINST THE CLOCK!  Seriously.  We are all so busy and out of breath with no time for anything, but are we actually getting the things done that are meaningful?  Are we moving towards realizing our dreams?  Do we even know what those are any more?

TAKE A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO YOUR WORK! This is a biggie.  We all tend to make our to do list and crank.  And crank.  And get distracted.  Then crank some more.  Then fuzz out, so we work longer, because we are actually getting less done, so we start to omit things like, lunch, working out, having crucial downtime, enjoying time with a friend and spending time with family.   There is a much better way to go about this!

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! We pay lip service to this, but how many of us are actually taking great (consistant) care of ourselves?  That includes 7 – 8 hours of sleep on the regular, healthy and clean eating, moving our bodies, quieting our minds and really and truly recharging?

Ok – enough reading.  Here’s a gift to you to start your year strong and on your terms!


Happy New Year!

Vivienne & Andrew







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