Weekend Warriors Beware! (Your Back May Pay the Price Come Monday Morning!)

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Help! I am Working and I Can’t Get Up!

On a recent weekend, I went to visit my son at college, and in a “glory day’s” moment decided to play basketball with him and his roommates. Quite the athlete I used to be (emphasis on WAS!). Anyway, I went up for a jump shot (which, by the way, I made) and when I landed on my heels, my lower back went into spasm. Let me rephrase that. My lower back tied up into a small knot that could hold a ship at port!

Why am I recounting this tale of woe? Because, I know that you too have your “weekend warrior” story and then have to go back to work on Monday morning with a tight back, or a sore shoulder or a stiff neck.  And while the discomfort and pain wasn’t caused by work, it can certainly be exacerbated by poor work habits. Nothing like some back pain to get your mind focused on the proper way to sit at work!

Here are some tips to help alleviate some discomfort and ease the strain (of course, it goes without saying that if you have serious pain and discomfort, you should first see your doctor!):

Know your limitations!                                                                                                          If you are not 100%, make allowances in your work day to compensate for any diminished physical capacity. This can include: taking more frequent breaks, stretching, changing your work flow, asking a compatriot for assistance or simply standing while talking on the phone instead of staring at your computer!

Listen to your body!                                                                                                          

This is true whether or not you start your day with an issue or one comes up during the course of your work! When your body gives you signals that things are not quite right……LISTEN and RESPOND!  Some of these signals include:

  • Muscle fatigue and/or cramping
  • Headaches or eye strain
  • Numbing and tingling in your hands and fingers (or what we call “thick” hands)
  • Feeling a bit bloated or heavy in your extremities
  • Pain (even if it’s mild or intermittent)

When you body gives you these signals, it is time to LISTEN and take a break, do a stretch or just plain relax and do more passive activities like converse or read.

Get enough rest and stay hydrated!

Often, that nagging weekend pain will linger throughout the week. To help limit the amount of overall recovery time, make sure to get your proper rest, eat well and drink plenty of fresh water.

Don’t let the pain linger!                                                                                                  

You know your body. If that lingering pain does not begin to go away or if it increases in intensity, no more pain words on green chalkboard backgrounddon’t wait it out! Go get some and help and don’t let a minor problem turn into a major one because you “have so much work to do!” If you can’t work because you are unable to, think about how much MORE work you will have to do when you return (or how much your fellow workers will have to do in your absence).

Andrew B., PBE Co-Founder

As always, we’d love to hear your “weekend warrior” story and what you did to compensate at work!  Please leave us a comment!

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