Virtual Evaluation and Webinar Policies

Please review the below policies regarding virtual evaluations and webinars hosted by PBE. These policies cover registration, access, and recording policies for you and your employees.

Webinar Registration

Employees who wish to attend a webinar MUST first register with their work email address, as attendance is strictly limited to employees of your organization. Within 48 hours of registration, all eligible registrants will receive a confirmation e-mail and webinar access code.


Webinar Recording Access

Post webinar, PBE will provide you with a URL link to distribute to your employees that expires after 45 days. This recording is restricted to employees within your organization. PBE reserves the right to revoke access at any time if it deems these terms are being violated.


Recording Virtual Evaluations

If approved by your organization, PBE will inform employees, prior to their virtual session, that they may record their evaluation for personal use. PBE will neither initiate nor record nor have access to any such recording. By choosing the “Local Recording” feature within Zoom, a video file will automatically be generated and saved to their computers when the session is completed.

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