Typing? Texting? Or Talking?

woman texting and calling

There was an interesting article in last week’s Sunday Times (NY Times) called PSST, Look Over Here. which addressed the impact that eye contact (or lack thereof) has on our social interactions with each other.  And that begs the question, of how our work styles and technology are impacting our relationships & productivity both in and out of work.

Two women were talking the other day about online dating.  One woman anxiously checked her phone a zillion times hoping that her date last night would ping her.

“Why  don’t you just call him?”


Um, yeah.  And you know, actually talk?”

“Silly girl, that’s just not how it’s done!”

So, what is happening to us as we text while talking to someone while we swear that we are listening (or being told that you are being listened to while watching someone text),?  And is it helping or hurting us to make the bulk of our communications by text, e-mails, Facebook, Instagram, IM and Google Chat?

There’s certainly a place for texting, typing and talking.  And perhaps you do all three.  Whatever your preference, here’s a little guideline for when to text, type and call.

phone with chat templateTEXTING

  • Perfect for short quick communications.
  • Perfect for directions, setting appointment times or sending a link to something.
  • Perfect if you are on the run, need to get info to a group.
  • Perfect if you have any issues with your hearing and phones prove to be problematic.
  • Terrible when in the company of others, for disagreements and not acceptable EVER when driving.

Ergo-wise, avoid texting with your thumbs only (alternate fingers) and fall in love with voice activation!

e mail iconTYPING (E-Mails)

  • Perfect for short or long communications.
  • Perfect for recapping conversations.
  • Perfect for group communication.
  • Perfect for doing work and responding on your timetable.
  • Terrible for conflicts and disagreements (too much room for misinterpretation)
  • Terrible if it takes over your day.  Schedule time to respond.
  • Terrible if typing is bothering your hands and arms.

Ergo-wise, make sure you are set up well and comfortable when typing for any significant amount of time.

Video chat communicationTALKING (Phone, Skype or Video Chat) 

  • Perfect for more in depth conversations.
  • Perfect for making plans (quicker than texting).
  • Perfect for any topics that are complicated, emotional or detailed.
  • Perfect for connection.
  • Perfect for minimizing typing and texting.
  • Not as perfect for schedule and work-flow.
  • Terrible for driving – especially hand held (which is against the law in most States).

Ergo-wise,  use a headset when using a phone.

Whatever your preferred mode of communication is, nothing will ever take the place of a good old face to face conversation with full on presence and yes, eye contact!

So, what is your preference?  Texting, Typing or Talking?  Please leave us a comment and let us know when you text, type or talk.

4577Until the next time,

Andrew & Vivienne


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