Tips on How To Get Ergonomics Help!

hand with help flag sticking out of papersAs a result of tightening budgets and a lack of economic certitude, both employers and employees are asking themselves the same kinds of questions in determining whether or not to schedule ergonomic evaluations or training. And whether or not an employer is proactive or reactive in providing evaluations and training, many staffers have become a bit more hesitant to call attention to themselves for fear that they will seem like complainers in strenuous times! We have found that this holds true for even the most proactive of companies, which encourage speaking out and asking for help if you feel discomfort! It is just the nature of human beings to be cautious and concerned about calling attention to themselves.

So, if you are working at your desk, in the lab, on the assembly line or on the road and are feeling some discomfort you think might be related to your work, what should you do and how can your apprehensions be assuaged?

1)     Make sure you know what your company policies are and who you need to contact in case of impending issues. Often this information is provided in your orientations or once a year training and is easy to misplace and/or forget…that is until you need help! So make sure you know who to contact about what. It will help prevent needless delays and frustrations.

2)     Check your organizations intranet site for any information regarding policy and guidelines for what’s troubling you. For example, if you are in need of some advice as to how best to set up your monitor and keyboard, there already may be “set-up” guidelines and graphics on your company site which can help you. If not, then you can resort to the advice in #1 above and contact the appropriate person for advice on how best to resolve your issue.

3)     Be proactive and don’t be a procrastinator! You’ve heard the expression “a mountain out of a mole hill”. If your body is telling you something…listen! If it does not feel right, then it probably isn’t and the longer you wait the more likely you will need more help to resolve your issues. And since this is what you wanted to avoid in the first place, it makes sense to nip your issues in the bud. You boss will thank you for it.

young african university student4)     And finally, take the time each and every day to stretch, take a walk, actively relax, do deep breathing, eat well and get a good night’s sleep as a way to both combat the tension and energize you to deal with your work!



Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.16.15 AMI look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Andrew Blumenfeld, M.A., PBE Co-Founder

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