Living Life In the Fast Lane?

Are you a stress mess?

Do you eat on the run?

Are you too busy to exercise ?

Does your life seem to be going at break-neck speed?

Do you get achey and sore from typing and texting?

Are you constantly plugged into your devices?


On the Road to Burnout?

Most of us are living in the fast lane, and are on the road to serious burnout. Between our massive

to-do lists, demanding careers, spending time with our families and friends, incessant bings, beeps, tweets, buzzes and the constant influx of e-mails, meals on the run, and not enough time to catch our breath, our go-go-go lives are out of control! And while you may be proud of your ability to run at this pace, we can tell you from personal and professional experience that this pace and lifestyle is simply not sustainable.

The good news is that with just a few simple steps, you can restore balance to your life which will help you both in as well as out of the office. In fact, the information in this eBook will change your life, change it for the better and change it quickly.

Time To Reboot! is easy to read and filled with simple yet powerful thought provoking exercises, followed by simple practical solutions.

So get your copy today and get on track to feeling your best in all areas of your life!


So? What Are You Waiting For?


Order Your Copy Now Start Feeling Better Than Ever!

It’s easy.
It’s fun.
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Praise for Time To Reboot!

“This 21 day plan has changed my life! I lost weight, have more energy and am crazy productive at the office while enjoying more downtime! I am making this mandatory for my whole team to read.” – Phil Miller, President of DCM.

“ The checklists and exercises were thought provoking and helped me to clearly understand how I got off track and what to do about it. The bonus trackers helped me to integrate my healthy habits into my everyday life seamlessly. A total game changer.” – Janice White, Executive

At PBE, We Are Passionate About Ergonomics. We Are Equally Passionate About Wellness.
But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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