The Secret Ingredient to Great Health (It May Surprise You!)

Changes Ahead

A few weeks ago, I participated in a company health fair.   There were lots of tables set up, each one promoting a different aspect of health like blood pressure, weight loss, fitness, dental and even financial!  Everyone had their bag of goodies including fresh fruit, water bottles and pedometers.   Each person was given a “health passport” which had to be stamped and turned in at the end of the fair in order to qualify for the big raffle.

At my table, there were two ways to earn a stamp.  The first way was to join me for stretching and exercises, or, to take a healthy lifestyle quiz.  This really sweet woman opted to take to quiz and here’s how it went:

Me: If you could wave your magic wand to change anything in your diet to make it healthier, what would it be?

Her: Oh, if I could wave my magic wand…let’s see…well, in a heart beat, I would eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Oh, and stop eating all of that nasty junk that’s bad for me.

Me: Well?  What’s stoping you?

Her: Well, um….it’s just…well, um, actually, I don’t know exactly.

Me: Are fresh fruits and vegetables readily available to you?  (Mind you this took place in California)

Her: Of course!

Me: So?

Her: Well, i guess I just haven’t thought about it enough and I guess I’m on auto pilot.

Me; Exactly! So, what if we have you change one teensy habit this week?

Her: Just one?

Me; Just one.

Her: Teensy?

Me: Weensy.

Her: Ok what do I need to do?

Me: What’s your favorite fruit?

Her: Apples.  I just LOVE apples.

Me: Ok.  Your homework is to go buy a bag of apples, organic preferred, and every day eat one.

Her: That’s it?!?

Me: Yup.

Her: I can do that!  And what happens after that?

Me: Next week, add in a few of your favorite vegetables and cut down on some of the junk food.  Each day, trade in one bad thing for the good thing.

Her: Hey, this is gonna be easier than I thought!   And maybe I’ll start taking my walks again!

Me:  Sounds great!  Now let me stamp your card.

Here was a woman who knew exactly what she needed and wanted to do but it’s almost like she needed permission to change and needed that one thing to latch onto to get started.  And that my friends is the secret.  Latching onto one thing to get started.  Making change for any of us can feel daunting and overwhelming.  Scary even.  We all have a pretty good idea of what we need to do in order to take better care of ourselves, but actually doing it is another story.

So, the secret is to pick one thing…..and start. Whether that means drinking more water, one less soda, eating more fresh fruits or vegetables, cutting back on junk food, getting more sleep or exercise, just pick one thing to focus on and start.   Once you start, a momentum gets created which propels you to take the next step and before you know it, you’ll be feeling positive changes and that is the best motivation of all to keep going.

So, right now, I challenge you to get out a pen and paper and write down the one thing that you would change today if you could wave your magic wand.  Look at what you wrote down and just start!

As always, I’d love to hear what you picked and how it went!  Leave me a comment!

Until the next time, be happy, energized and productive!

As always, here’s to your health!


Vivienne Fleischer-Miller, PBE Co-Founder

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