The Ultimate Road Warrior’s Survival Guide

These days, with laptops, tablets, smart phones and virtual office options like Go-To Office, Webex and Skype, the traditional office has changed before our very eyes.  And this transformation is paving the way for Work Anywhere programs, telecommuting and home offices.  But the truth is, for entrepreneurs, executives, sales reps and many others, that traveling for work remains an indispensable part of work life.  The true road warrior is a unique breed of worker with a unique set of challenges when it comes to ergonomics, productivity and well being. So, whether you find yourself working at a customer site, attending an off-site meeting, working in a cafe, plane, train, automobile, hotel or any other make-shift-office-on-the-go, listen up!  These tips can help to make all the difference in the world!

Offsite Locations: Getting set up with good ergonomics can be particularly challenging since your environment is constantly changing.  The one constant in the travel equation is you!  So, here are some great accessories to help you create a comfy work set up no matter where you find yourself working!

Ergo On The Go (Literally) For all of you frequent travelers out there, whether you take trains, planes or buses, the following tips will help you!

  • Pack economically and only take what you really need.  This will lighten your load.
  • If your bags are heavy, why not check them!
  • Choose luggage with wheels (preferably 360 degrees) and a height adjustable handle.
  • Travel often involve a lot of walking, so remember to wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes!
  • Try bringing your own back and/or neck support (small inflatable back cushion or pillow).
  • Maintain proper postureThis is especially important if you are going to use your laptop, iPad or smart phone on the airplane.  Try using the food tray as your work surface and limit your typing time.
  • Stand up and stretch as often as possible.  You can also try doing light stretches in your seat.

Hotels: Whether you use your hotel’s business center or get work done in your hotel room, remember that the principals of sound ergonomic practices still apply.

  • More and more hotels are paying attention to ergonomics! So don’t be bashful about asking the concierge for an adjustable chair.
  • In your room, you can use the ironing board to create an adjustable sit/stand work surface!
  • A good night’s sleep can be a challenge on the road. If you are feeling any back strain from your travels, try lying on your back with a pillow underneath your knees.

And remember, when you are on the road, It’s easier than you think to keep up with your exercise routine.  Take advantage of your hotel’s amenities such as their exercise room, swimming pool and walking path.  Arrange for a guest pass with a local gym.  Yoga studios are everywhere and of course running and walking are available 24/7!

Safe Travels & Working Everyone!

Vivienne and Andrew, PBE Co-Founders

If you are a road warrior, please leave us a comment and share what tips you have found to be helpful!  Don’t be shy, we can benefit from your experiences!




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