The New Era of Tech is Here! Are You Prepared?

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They are everywhere!  Laptops.  Tablets. Smart Phones. Two, three, four and even five monitors on a single desktop. It is screen madness.  And then there’s the meeting scene: people huddled over a laptop in conference rooms, lounge areas and even hallways.  I believe it is safe to say that our beloved devices are here to stay and as technology advances, impacting when, how and where we work, the question is, is your office set up to handle the new era of tech?

The good news, is that with a little ingenuity, reorganization and a few gadgets and gismos (most of them cheap), a little goes a long way.  Take a look….

Laptops are awesome.  Portable, practical and an ergonomic disaster!  If your keyboard is at a comfortable typing height, then your  monitor will be too low and of course the reverse is true, if your monitor is at comfortable viewing height then your keyboard will be too high.  So what most of us do is plunk the laptop on our desks, work on it without plug ins and either slouch so we can see the screen, or push the laptop far enough away fro easy viewing, but then our arms have to reach forward to reach the keyboard.  So what to do?

  • Docking Stations – allow for external keyboard, mouse and monitors to be used.
  • Laptop Risers & Monitor Arms – bring the monitor to a healthy viewing position.  To type, simply use an external keyboard and mouse.
  • Multiple Laptops require multiple solutions.   Just because one laptop is on a monitor riser, doesn’t mean that the second (or thrid) laptop should be used on the desk without plug ins. Make sure all of your devices are set up for healthy use.


Multiple Devices means multiple screens, touch points and positions.  This can also mean your thumbs, wrists, neck and back can a mighty beating and that’s never any fun.  Luckily the solutions are simple:

  • Laptop Solutions include risers, plug ins & dociking stations
  • Tablets can be propped up on a tablet stand for easy viewing.  If you type on your tablets, try using a stylus or an external keyboard.
  • Smart Phones are best used for talking (with headset), viewing and short texts or emails.  For prolonged typing, use your laptop or tablet if they are around.

Multiple Screens are extremely popular and the demand for this type of set up is growing.  And while multiple screens can make for a smoother workflow, if you don’t position your screens well, your eyes, neck and back can pay the price.  The guideline is simple:

  • Set ALL of your monitors at a comfortable viewing height with top of your screen slightly below eye level (unless you wear bifocals then you want to place your monitor as low as possible),
  • Your monitors should be about an arm’s distance away.  If you use a larger monitor, may need to sit further back.
  • Align your monitors so that you in centered between them.  This will spare your neck from turning to one side for prolonged periods of time.
  • If you have a primary screen in the center, remember that you can drag images from the side screens to the main screen.  This is especially important if you are going to view or type for a prolonged period of time.

Touch Down Stations are important for those of us on the go.  A touch down station can be a designated area in your office for mobile workers, a cafe or any temporary spot which is not set up of long term use.   This is where accessories will save the day. For a full list of items check out our previous blog post The Ultimate Road Warrior’s Survival Guide, but the quick view is as follows:

  • Portable Laptop & Tablet Stands
  • Portable Lap Desks
  • Travel Keyboard and Mouse
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Inflatable Lumbar Support
  • Carrying Bag on Wheels
If you work at a company or manage an ergo program at a company, invest in these mobile accessories and have employees check them out to use them.
If you have any suggestions to add, please comment below!
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.49.22 AMVivienne Fleischer, President & PBE Co-Founder
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