I have a new mantra this year. It goes like this: “Make Space.”

So what does that mean exactly? Well, it means a few things, that when I go without it, I really feel my stress-o-meter rise. Without space, I have a hard time getting things done and my productivity-meter starts to plummet. So, in short, making space for something runs ranging from breathing to focusing in on a single task.

Making space refers to having enough me time. It refers to creating adequate headspace to focus in on a project. It refers to slowing down, and not trying to do 45 bazillion things at once. In short, it means being mindful and giving myself permission to be where I am and not juggle things physically or mentally.

Case in point. I am a chronic multi-tasker. My to-do list is ridiculously unrealistic. So, the other day, I woke up early and decided to do yoga for 20 minutes. And of course, my mind drifted to my to-do list and found myself shortening my practice. I took a deep breath and simple said make space for yoga now. And in an hour, when I start to work, I’ll focus in on what I need to do. And it worked so well, that I did yoga for 30 minutes that morning.

Then next day, I found myself cramming in back to back phone meetings, squeezing them into impossibly small time slots and trying to maximize my day. I took a step back, prioritized who really needed to be reached out to that day and reminded myself to really make space for those calls, I needed to schedule them at least 30 minutes apart from one another so I could wind down from one and prep for the next and really show up.

Last case: I have a morning routine which includes drinking hot lemon water, followed by either a home-made green juice or a green smoothie. (Bye bye coffee, hello green drinks!). And as I felt myself getting anxious to get my day started (work-wise), I started to put away the juicer, figuring one day skipping won’t hurt me. Then, I took a moment and said aloud, make space for your health. That comes first.  So I did. And by doing so, I came to my work day, energized and with much more focus than if I skipped my self-care routine.

So, whether you make space for fun, work, exercise, sleep, family, friends, downtime, day dreaming, cranking at work, creating, eating or whatever it is you are doing, allow yourself to physically and mentally be present. There are many hours in the day and it’s astounding what you can get done by slowing down, making space and being fully engaged and present to whatever it is you are doing.

I hope this is helpful, and glad that I made space this morning to write you this post!

Now it’s your turn to make space and post a comment and share how you make space for things in your life! I promise to make space to read them!

Until the next time,






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