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Vivienne Fleischer

Vivienne Fleischer, President and Co-Founder is passionate about wellness! A concert pianist turned ergonomist (but she does still play) she’s on this crazy mission to “save the hands of the world” while helping people to stave off injuries, take charge of their health and feel their best!

Little Known Facts: Vivienne also green juices daily, loves yoga, plays a mean piano and loves loves loves to write! Oh, she’s also a vegan, an aspiring cook and a wanna be cartoonist. She loves spending time with her amazing family and calls her mom every morning.


Andrew Blumenfeld

Andrew Blumenfeld, CEO & Co-Founder comes from a family of educators and lawyers and athletes. Helping people to overcome adversity through skills acquisition and perseverance makes me feel as if I am giving something back. Legacy is important!

Little Known Facts: Andrew enjoys the torture of being a Bay Area sports fan. Go Giants! Go Sharks! Working out, hitting golf balls (sometimes even straight!) and bbqing a great bone-in Rib Eye with sautéed Zucchini , red bell pepper and mushrooms and a Newcastle chaser. On the mellower side, give me some Ray Davies, Mark Knopfler, Eric Burdon or a classic movie like Cool Hand Luke and I’m perfect


Anjali Agrawal

D.C. loves to see how making simple behavioral changes or showing someone how to incorporate something like keyboard shortcuts can bring an instant change to how someone works in their workstation. Since she’s often seeing patients after they have pain, being an ergonomist allows Anjali to work with people BEFORE they develop pain.

Little Known Facts: When Anjali is not conducting ergonomic evaluations and training classes, she is running her Chiropractic practice And when she’s not busy cracking backs and making food recommendations, she enjoys teaching Bollywood Dance! spending time with her amazing family and calls her mom every morning.

Lori Web Pic

Lori Babcock

O.T., CEAS loves the problem solving that goes into helping someone become more comfortable when working. Often it is simple changes that will make all the difference! I also love showing people how changing their movement patterns, not only their equipment, can make them more comfortable and more productive.

Little Known Facts: She lives in Sonoma County on the beautiful Russian River with her family. She enjoy kayaking in the summer and mushroom hunting in the winter. She also likes to zip line and has been skydiving! (Who knew?)


Leo Ponce

PTA, loves to see the light bulb go off in people’s heads when he helps them connect the dots to their discomfort, followed by smiles when he teaches them how to perform without pain.

Little Known Facts: Leo loves to garden and do construction work around his house. He’s a good cook and during his downtime, plays a mean guitar!


Jeff Walikonis

M.S., C.P.D.M has spent 20 years assisting injured workers as a voc rehab counselor. He loves helping people improve their workstations and habits through ergonomics in order to prevent them from getting so injured that they can no longer do their jobs.

Little Known Facts: Jeff grew up on a huge wheat farm in Montana. When he was 7, his 10 year old brother taught him how to drive a grain truck by himself. Rhubarb pie is his favorite dessert and he enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife and two great kids!

Dr Paul Cook

Paul Cook

B.S., D.C., P.C.P. Paul believes that ergonomics is the apple-a-day solution that keeps you out of pain on the job. Paul frequently tells his clients that they could see a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist every single day, but treating the symptom and not the cause will invariably cause pain to return. Paul believes that making small changes and teaching the how and why of ergonomics often leads to dramatic changes in work satisfaction and overall happiness.

Little Known Facts: When Paul isn’t conducting ergonomic evaluations or making house calls, he can usually be found running along the Embarcadero, training for the San Francisco Marathon. Paul is also an amateur furniture builder and designer, working with reclaimed wood to create live edge desks and tables (at the appropriate height of course!).

Divya Headshot

Divya Narayan

B.A., C.P.T., M.S. loves to use her knowledge to help others foster habits that are sustainable for the body in the long term. She enjoys helping others redesign their workstation to prevent repetitive stress injuries, teaching stretching and myofascial release to prevent pain and realigning posture to facilitate biomechanical efficiency.

Little Known Facts: When Divya is not working or in school, she trains in martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Muay Thai. She also loves listening to music on Spotify, buying (and reading) books and having Netflix marathons!


Kimberly Walker-Mullings

MA, BA, CAE Kimberly has been an avid proponent of healthy living for most of her adult life. Her personal philosophy contends that wellness is achieved when physical and job activities are balanced through mental and emotional awareness of how the body functions. Her combined experience as a Workers’ Compensation Examiner and Personal trainer gives perspectives on injury prevention and education around proper body alignment and mechanics while performing various work or daily activities. She approaches Ergonomics with a focus on balance and helping people improve behavioral habits that elevate wellness at work and at play.

Little Known Facts: She likes to try new sports and has started to learn Archery. (The “bulls eye” is harder to hit than you think). She loves to hike and walk her two miniature Schnauzers, then when she finally relaxes, on the couch, she enjoys reading a good Science Fiction novel.


Ashley McCulloch

M.P.T., CEAS loves to teach her clients new strategies to prevent injuries, avoid pain and stay healthy. She firmly believes that prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and that small changes in behavior and positioning can have a huge impact on performance.

Little Known Facts: Ashley is a certified fitness junkie and has even run across the Grand Canyon – twice! The only thing she loves more than going uphill is skiing down, preferably as fast as humanly possible. Ashley is also a passionate foodie and makes a mean chimichurri.


Anastasia Liamina

(Office Manager) is a medical student (when not working at PBE) and is committed to helping people feel their best at all times. She lives an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She dreams of traveling the world one day!

Little Known Facts: Anastasia love library books. No matter how much she appreciates technological progress, reading a book on the iPad cannot compare to actually holding one. From time to time she gets “stuck” on one color (like purple,or blue or white) and then everything around her needs to be that color! She cannot drink out of cups that are dark on the inside

Ikumi Merola

Ikumi Merola

(Client Manager) comes from the hospitality industry and loves to provide five star service whenever she interacts with both her internal and external customers. She brings a wealth of international experience from the three years she lived and worked in Dubai. Ikumi was born in Japan, raised in New Jersey, attended the University of Maryland, lived in Hawaii, and now calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

Little Known Facts: While living overseas Ikumi wrote restaurant, bar and spa reviews for a travel guidebook company.Her passion is to travel and explore new foods. On her days off she loves venturing to new places with her family and is always in search for a food festival or farmers market.

Stephanie Sablan

(Client Support Specialist) comes from the great northwest and is passionate about health and wellness. She loves simplicity, and spends her free time with her family or in the mountains looking for her next adventure.

Little Known Facts: Stephanie loves grammar and punctuation and, since her childhood, has enjoyed writing and the philosophy of language. When she is not out exploring, she spends the majority of her time studying, dancing, exercising, cooking or enjoying live music.

Ursula rounded corners

Ursula d’Angelo

(Client Support Specialist) spent her younger years bouncing around the East Coast before moving to California. She doesn’t miss the snow at all! (well, maybe a little….) With a background in architecture, landscape design & account/client management, she loves solving puzzles & working on projects. When she isn’t working, Ursula spends her time watching her four children enjoy their various activities & binge-reading in the little bits of time in-between.

Little Known Facts: Ursula likes to garden & to travel when she can. She likes to build sand-castles with her kids (although really hates getting the sand off of them later!) & dreams of taking a nap without someone poking her in the face after 5 minutes to ask for a snack.

Derek Spencer Headshot

Derek Spencer

(Administrative Support Specialist) was born in California, moved to Massachusetts for 8 years, and is now back in California. The embodiment of extrovert, he loves any situation that allows him to socialize. If he’s not working, he’s probably playing with his three dogs, munching on a variety of food, watching Netflix, or all of the above.

Little Known Facts: Derek is 1 of 5 children (the only son)! He’s had a passion for music since before he could walk and that passion has only grown over the years. His internal clock is a little off, so he’s always running late. Always.

red hair circle

Sidney Calvin

MSW (IT Specialist) is a life-long learner who loves finding ways to mix and match their social work skills with their IT know-how. No stranger to supporting small teams, Sidney is always looking to make everyone’s lives a little easier so they can focus on doing their best work and helping others.

Little Known Facts: Sidney is a collector of trivia and will often badger their friends with this knowledge. When not reading up on trivia Sidney is probably thinking about outer space or a good pun.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 10.35.15 AM

Craig Mayfield

Freelance Graphic Designer ( makes us look great! Literally. Having worked with organizations such as NASA (supporting the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs) he continues to produce art and design work that is out of this world! From our ebooks, to website and all of our download flyers, signage, etc. Craig does it all.

Little Known Facts: Craig is born and raised in Houston, TX, loves to cook and loves the great outdoors. He loves tech gadgets, especially Apple Products and loves everything related to zombies.

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