Simple Ergo Tips for Comfy (and Safe) Airplane Travel

If you are a fellow road warrior, you need to read this post.  It may just save your life!

Most airlines today offer more legroom, personal TV’s, upgrade options and anything to help keep customers happy.  Some airlines (Delta) have even started service free meals again that are tasty and healthy!  (There’s hope!)

However, the ability to stay truly comfortable and physically healthy in flight can be a bit tricky to achieve unless you know what to do.

Here are some easy tips to keep you feeling great before, during and after your flight.

  1. Get Enough Sleep. We all know the syndrome.  Early flights usually mean little or no sleep the night before.  Even if you get in bed early, there’s that weird phenomenon of opening your eye to peak at the alarm clock every hour out of fear of oversleeping and missing your flight.  Try setting two alarms and make sure one is away from your bed so you actually have to get up to turn it off.  This can do wonders to reduce pre-travel anxiety.
  2. Pack Lightly. Do your best to travel light.  The less you have to lug around in the airport, the better.  And if you do have a lot of luggage and/or heavy bags, consider checking them in.  While there’s a few extra minutes at the end of your trip, to get your luggage, being free to get around the airport is worth it.
  3. Wear Comfy Clothes.  There is nothing worse than traveling in clothes that feel constricted, walking in shoes that are not comfy and being either too hot or too cold during the flight because you didn’t dress appropriately.  Next time you fly, try wearing clothes that are stretchy, cool and comfy.  It’s easier to dress in layers so you can adjust to flights that are either too cold or too warm.
  4. Drink Water. Flying is dehydrating, so please make sure to drink plenty of water on your flight and avoid alcohol, coffee and tea with caffeine.  Water will keep you hydrated and help keep your circulatory system in check.
  5. Be Laptop Savvy. Most airlines weren’t designed for us to work on our laptops while flying.  In fact, it can be outright awful if you don’t have enough room and the person in front of you decides to recline, leaving you squished and trying desperately to see your screen.  However, you may be able to work more comfortably if the eating tray is adjustable and can slide towards you.  You can also invest in a portable lap desk which gives you more room to type comfortably.  Just make sure to tip your screen back as far as possible for easier viewing.
  6. Stretch & Move!  Last but not least, it’s critical to get up and move.  And stretch.  Not only will this help prevent stiff muscles, keep you limber and improve your energy, but it can also protect you from a more serious complication of flying – Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) otherwise known as blood clots.  Even though it’s rare, it does happen, so take this seriously.  Simply get up.  Walk the aisle of the plane.  Stretch.  And when you sit, you can simply pump your feet, move your arms and legs and do ankle circles like shown in the video below!


So now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment below and tell us some of your tips for staying comfy when flying.  🙂


Vivienne & Andrew

PBE Co-Founders


  • Thomas Clarence
    Posted at 15:30h, 22 April Reply

    You made an interesting point when you explained that it is a good idea to wear stretchy clothes when traveling on an airplane. I would imagine that this would be especially true for flights that will take longer than six hours. Being as comfortable as possible seems like it would be necessary for a flight of this length.

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