​Look and Feel Great!

Start the Year Our Right! (10 Ways to The Healthiest You Yet!)​

Everyone wants to feel great, and what better time is there than the start of the New Year to incorporate easy ways to help you get there! Here are 10 simple ways to improve your health, boost your energy and feel your best!​

The Power of Routine​

Learn how to use the power of routine to help you get organized, fit in your work out schedules, get more done and take great care of yourself! Read More

Snack Your Way To Health? Really?

It’s easy to eat a healthy breakfast, pack a salad chock full of nutritious goodness and plan a healthy dinner. But when your stomach starts to rumble in the middle of the morning or afternoon, all of those healthy meals can be sabotaged with that quick grab for the nearest candy bar, cookie, donut, office snacks, left over birthday cake from one of your colleagues or a few handfulls of jelly beans that lurk a few desktops away! Learn how to snack your way to health!

Is Your Laptop Bag Hurting You More Than Your Realize?

I think we can all agree that our beloved laptops are amazing. Portable, convenient and best of all, they allow us to work anywhere. And while laptops pose their fair share of ergonomic challenges, the ergo solutions are numerous and fairly easy to implement.
However, one of the most overlooked culprits of back, neck, shoulder and even lower back and hip pain is the way we are carrying our laptops around. Read More….

At PBE, We Are Passionate About Ergonomics. We Are Equally Passionate About Wellness.
But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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