Are You Really and Truly Pain Free at Work?

young african university studentIf you were  asked if you are really and truly 100% pain free when you are working with your computer,  laptop or devices, what would your answer be?

You see, many of us are struggling with some type of obvious ache and pain associated with our work set up, but many many more of us say we are “fine” but in reality, we have learned to live with low level discomfort and have come to believe comes with the territory.   Afterall, we look around and half of our colleagues and friends also have tight necks & shoulders, sore forearms and lower back – something-or-other.

Well, listen closely!  We’re here to tell you otherwise!

Work Should Never Ever Hurt!

Not even a little bit.  So……if you have any sign of muscle fatigue, strain, pain, numbing, tingling, headaches, eye strain, sciatic pain, back pain, wrist, finger, elbow or forearm pain, SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT in either your set up, your posture or work habits.

Here’s a quick chart to help you play detective and figure out what the source of your discomfort is.  And ofcourse the next step is to make the necessary changes!

Neck & Shoulders (2)

So….are YOU pain free?

Let us know!

Until the Next Time!4577

Vivienne & Andrew


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