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The Are You Fit 2 Work video library has something for everyone and every program. Our rich and comprehensive library of set up guidelines, everyday stretches, wellness tutorials, yoga exercises, monthly challenges and ergo checklists and resources are just a click away.  So go head! Give it a try!

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Are You Fit Overview

Want To Find Out Which Tools Are Best For Your Organization?

We’ve Got You Covered

With over 85 videos, ergonomic and wellness tutorials, everyday stretches, yoga exercises, wellness tools and much much more, this video library will help you address:

OSHA Compliance
Reduced Work Related Injuries
Cost Reduction Related to Worker’s Comp
Lowered Absenteeism
Increased Productivity
Promotion of Health & Total Worker Wellness

What’s Included

A Robust Inventory of Training Modules

  • Ergo Set Up Guidelines
  • Healthy Posture
  • Office, Mobile & Lab Ergo
  • Less Stress, More Balance
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Lifestyle

A Full Library of Cutting Edge Videos

  • Ergo Essentials
  • Everyday Stretches
  • Fitness Exercises
  • Yoga at Work
  • Bending & Lifting
  • Typing Do’s & Don’ts

Bonus PDF
Ongoing Updates
& Upgrades
Usage Reports
& Trackability

System Requirements


Internet Explorer 8+
Native Mobile-Safari
Native Mobile-Chrome


Windows 7,8
iOSx 6.x
Android 4.2x

ِAt PBE, We Are Passionate About Ergonomics. We Are Equally Passionate About Wellness.
But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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