Turn to Music To Lower Your Stress (AND Make You More Productive)

As a life long musician, I know all too well, the miraculous powers of music. It can move us to tears. It can make us feel rapture. Music inspires. Music can scare us (think scary movie!).  Music unites us. Music makes us dance. It conjures up memories, moods and can even inspire love.

Music also heals. Literally. Music is used in just about every culture to help heal a huge range of illnesses and afflictions ranging from depression to cancer, pain, autism, heart disease, recovery from strokes and the list goes on and on.

Want to lower your stress?  Turn on some tunes.

I don’t need studies, though there are plenty of them out there, to know that music quiets anxiety and lowers stress.  When I feel myself getting wound up, when I turn on soothing music, whether that be classical, jazz, what I call yoga/spa music or anything that chills me out, the effect is instantanious.

But studies do prove that music lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, quiets your mind, and decreases stress hormone levels in your body.

Here are some great ways to relax and shift your mood for the better with music:

  • Put on your favorite soothing music and listen with headphones or through speakers.  Close your eyes for extra relaxation.
  • Sing along to some music
  • Hum quietly
  • Dance to some favorite tuens
  • Listen to music when you commute
  • Listen when you work
  • Be proactive and make a play list.

Want to be more productive?  Turn on some tunes.

Soothing our minds and moods with music is great, but did you know that music has the ability to organize your thoughts , boost your productivity and is even believed to improve your IQ?  (Think Baby Mozart)

Music has been proven to make us more productive when performing repetitive tasks.  It also can get your creative juices going, get or keep you in a good mood (which helps productivity) and provide an escape in today’s open office floor spaces.

So, here are some tips for you to use music to  maximize your productivity: 

  • Listen to music without lyrics. Classical musica has been proven to be the most effective in improving concentration, especially music from the Baroque Period.
  • Ambient or  “Chill” music is good for immersive tasks.  The music can be present but not obtrusive.
  • This may sound crazy, but gaming sound tracks are specifically designed to enhance an experience without distracting focus.  So try listening to something like the SImmCity Soundtrack.
  • Ambient sounds can work wonders too.  Things like rainfall, whitenoise and even the crackle of fireplaces can do the trick as well.
  • Try different genres for different work tasks!
  • Caution – If you are trying to learn something or process new information, music can actually be counter productive.

Now for a special treat!

I have uploaded some tracks of yours truly on the piano for your listening pleasure.  By all means, please download by clicking HERE and enjoy!   And by all means, share this blog and the tunes with your friends!

Let me know if the music lowers your stress levels and if you got more done as a result of listening!



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