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I don’t know about you, but I hate using my mouse.  I’ve tried them all.  Standard mice, ergonomic mice, right handed, left handed and I realized that none of them feel good if I use them for very long.  Now that’s not to say that ergonomic mice don’t make a difference in comfort, because they do, but I personally don’t like them.

What I do like, scratch that – I meant what I love are key commands!  Did you know that for most programs, about 80 – 90% of mouse clicks can be replaced by key commands otherwise (known as hot keys) and in many cases are actually faster than using your mouse?

Now I’m not saying mice are evil, in fact there are some amazing mice out there, but in general, most of us are prone to over reaching to get to our mouse because it is placed is too far forward, too far to the right or both!  Compound that with over-gripping, pivoting at our wrists to move the mouse side to side and making isolated finger movements to click or to use the scroll wheel.

Thank goodness there’s an alternative!

With a few simple keystrokes you can drastically reduce your mouse use and up your productivity.

Here are some links for great sites that list out key commands.  E-mail is one of the best places to start!

PC Users
  1.  Microsoft Site
  2. Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know
Mac Users
  1. Apple Website
  2. Dan Rodney’s Site



Warning…… when you use key commands to use TWO HANDS!  You can get into some pretty bad hand postures if you try to use one hand for multiple key strokes!

But if you do use your mouse…… are  helpful tips.

  1. Keep your mouse level with the top of your keyboard.  A mouse that is lower than your keyboard can cause your wrist to bend back.
  2. Keep your mouse as close to your body as possible. This may mean investing in a shorter keyboard that doesn’t have a 10 key pad (or has a removable one) so that you don’t have to turn your arm out to reach your mouse.
  3. Keep your elbow close to your body. This will avoid reaching altogether.
  4. Avoid twisting at your wrist. Instead move your hand and arm together and keep your wrists soft and supple.

Ok, so stop reading and start checking out key commands!  But before you do, leave us a comment to tell us your favorite key command!  We’re always on the look out of great ones!

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