Long Careers Require Long Lasting Bodies! (Which Means Long Lasting Good Habits)

In the 21st Century, most of us expect that employers are at least aware of the term ergonomics and moreover, are attuned to the benefits of an ergo program, even in the most reactive and rudimentary form. Antiquated ideas of allowing the staff to “muddle through” and “do as little as possible” have given way to greater sensitivity to employee needs, if not a realization that poor ergonomics = poor productivity and a compromised bottom line. On a more positive note, may organizations have taken this concept and run with it all the way to the line of “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure”.

In either case, the concession here is to a ‘new reality” and the effect it can have on health, productivity, morale and, as said before, profitability.

My question to you is this: ‘Have you, as an individual, made the same realistic assessment concerning your new reality?” It would be great if we could all be 20 years old with a seemingly indestructible body and short recovery from physical stress! But it is not the case. No, don’t get me wrong, I am not accusing you of being old or even incapable of resisting a certain amount of stress, but if we are honest, as each year transpires, it takes a greater effort to maintain our well being.

So, if you are loathe to concede to “maturation”, then finding a better way to use your body and preparing it for activity would be the best way to combat aging and the need to remain just as productive as you were 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. In other words: Work Smarter Not Harder!!!!

It is not a coincidence that over the past 10 years health and insurance organizations have committed a great deal of funding and expertise to the concept of wellness and the prevention of injuries. In fact, many of these organizations will even provide funding to an organization to start or maintain a wellness program for employees!

So, if your organization is truly committed to ergonomics and wellness and provides you with resources, what can you do ameliorate your own situation?

1)     If you are having any issues with your set-up or equipment, find out who to contact in your organization (please refer to last week’s blog post regarding this topic) and get yourself some help. Proper set-up, posture and equipment can go a long way to reducing stress and discomfort

2)     Just like an athlete, take a few minutes before, during and at the end of your work day to stretch! It will do you wonders and your body will thank you for it!

3)     BREAKS! Listen to your body when it tells you stop for a moment or two (or three) and give it a break.

4)     Stress reduction. Even though it sounds oxymoronic, “actively relax”. Rest your head for a couple of minutes or do a couple minutes of deep breathing and refresh yourself.

5)     You are what you eat! Have a decent breakfast with some whole grain and fruit and watch those sugary snacks and energy drinks during your work day that actually sap your drive in the long run.

6)     Rest. Get a good night’s sleep and your world will seem that much brighter the next day!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.16.15 AMAndrew Blumenfeld, M.A., PBE Co-Founder

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