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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Back Pain!

We’ve all been there! A twinge, an ache or an all out back attack. Whatever form it takes, back pain is no fun and can be a real hindrance to your everyday activities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1 million workers suffer back injuries each year and back injuries account for one in every five workplace injuries or illnesses. And those are just the reported cases.
So, whether your back is cranky from the way you sit, stand, lift or move, here are some strategies to keep your back healthy and to keep you feeling great! Learn More!

Are You a Slouch (3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Posture)

Everyone wants to have better posture! After all, good posture keeps you feeling and looking great, gives you more confidence and can even improve your health! So Read more to find out how to improve your posture!​

Diet, Fitness and Ergonomics. What’s the Connection?​

We’ve all been there. Work piles up, so you pull another late night which means a good night’s sleep goes out the window. After hitting the snooze button enough times, you drag yourself out of bed, realize it’s late, hop in the shower, get dressed, gulp down a cup of coffee and instead of making that healthy lunch you were going to bring to work, you grab your stuff and head out the door. ​Learn how to take charge of your scheduled, your body and your lifestyle to feel great throughout the day!

To Sit? Or Not to Sit? How About Doing A Little of Both?

The question of whether you should sit or stand during your work day is a mighty hot topic these days! In fact, we get asked about this on a daily basis! Employees like the option, many employers are skeptical, and yet other companies make sit/stand the standard set-up! Some health care professionals assert that too much standing can lead to back, leg and foot issues, yet others tout studies which proclaim that too muchsitting cuts years off our lives!! So, who’s right, and what’s the best thing to do? Sit? Stand? Read More to find out!

Tips on How to Get Ergonomics Help​

If you are working at your desk, in the lab, on the assembly line or on the road and are feeling some discomfort you think might be related to your work, what should you do? Click Here to Find Out!

At PBE, We Are Passionate About Ergonomics. We Are Equally Passionate About Wellness.
But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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