Why I Joined a Gym

Reminder Note to Join A Gym

Why does anyone join a gym? To tell your neighbors and friends that: (1) you realize you are getting (have gotten) soft in the middle;(2) you want to be more like them (if they go to a gym); (3) you think you are a step beyond them because you are going to a gym (and they don’t), and (4) you realize that running out of breath going to the third floor of the parking structure is just not acceptable!

Whatever the reason….go to the gym, or take long walks or meditate or go to Yoga or ride a stationary bike or…you get the idea. A body at rest tends to remain at rest and a body in motion tends to remain in motion . (Ok, so when you are over 50 it remains in a little slower motion then gets a little tired and maybe just a little sore, but it is still in motion!)

And your heart is thanking you and your lungs are thanking you for once again plumbing their depths and your muscles, which initially say “What’s going on here?!”, they begin to get the idea and thank you as well. And your kids thank you and your spouse and your mom! But don’t forget the most important person that will thank you will be you!

Learning how to do it for yourself and continuing doing it is the biggest issue for most people. We get so caught up in taking care of others: our co-workers, our children, aging parents, the neighborhood, using paper instead of plastic, low flow toilets and carbon footprint, that we forget that we MUST do this for ourselves. If you are doing it for someone else, the initiative will eventually dry up and wither away.

That’s why I joined a gym. OK, at first it was for others and me, but as time has gone on it has become mostly for me and my routine and my health and my joy! I did not have that at first, but when I committed to the discipline of working out, playing ball, swimming, treadmill etc, I found more of MY motivation and my happiness.

But boy is it hard. I mean, I still have to fulfill all of my other responsibilities of fatherhood, business, good neighbor and global citizen and then find time for myself to stay in shape and blow off some steam. It takes effort and discipline and failure and self-recrimination and forgiveness, but out of all the inner turmoil and external pressure is forged a discipline, habit and commitment to oneself.

And the best part is it is all you! You give this to yourself and yet you everyone around you reaps the rewards. You are more energetic, mentally sharper, a better role model and more content with life. Just think what 3 -4 days a week of exercise can do for yourself image and overall outlook on life!

Of course there will be days, even some weeks, where you will be less than stellar in adhering to you schedule, but don’t give up! Don’t throw in the towel. Keep pushing forward and the reward will be the beginnings of a better you.

What is your motivation to work out and stay fit? Leave us a comment and share what works for you and why!

Here’s to your health!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 7.16.15 AMAndrew, PBE Co-founder

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