Is Stretching @ Work Really All That Helpful?

If you work with in an office, a lab or any job that involves physical labor, then read on.

You see, just a few minutes of stretches during your work day can you help you:

  • Relieve Stress (that alone is reason enough!)
  • Sooth Sore and Stiff Muscles
  • Sharpen Your Focus (which improves your work output)
  • Improve Your Posture (which makes you look and feel better)
  • Increase Your Flexibility (always a good thing)

Our Top 3 Favorite Stretches

Now that you buy in, the question is which stretches are best to do?  In general, it’s good to do stretches that target parts of your body that are prone to stress when working.  Our top 3 favorites are as follows:

  1. Shoulder Shrugs:  No matter what you do for a living, your neck and shoulders a likely carrying tension and could use a bit of relief.  The shoulder shrugs below will do the trick!

2. Glute Stretch: Whether you sit or stand during your work day, to help avoid work being a pain in the you know where – this glute stretch will have you feeling great!

3. Forward Dive:  In one fell swoop, this stretch targets your head, neck, arms and back. Give it a try!

How Often Should You Stretch?

According to OSHA, the rule of thumb is stretch 5 – 10 minutes for every hour spent with a computer.  The same guideline applies to work in a lab.  And if your work is physically demanding, make sure to stretch before, during and after your shift.

Until the next time!

Vivienne and Andrew


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