Is It Weird To Want My FitBit to Be Proud of Me?

I seem to be one of last kids on the block to embrace wearables (fitness trackers).   Maybe I was dubious about wearing anything on my body that is transmitting information to my phone or computer.  Maybe I was creeped out by a device knowing my whereabouts and admonishing me for sitting on the couch eating my coconut milk ice-cream instead of being at the gym?  Whatever it was, I finally took the plunge!

It started out as a gift from a dear friend and colleague of mine who got me a Fitbit.  I looked at it.  Read up on it.  And finally set up the App on my phone and delved in.

Well, I have to say, this is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long while!  Here are just a few of the things that has happened since using my Fitbit on a daily basis:

I Exercise More!

I set a modest goal to work out 4 days a week.  And when I look at my dashboard and it tells me I have exercised 1 out 4 days, or 3 out of 4 days, I am motivated to make that goal.  When I do reach my goal, (digi) fireworks go off and I even get badges and e-mails cheering me on! I am about to up my goal to 5 days per week.

I Sleep More!

I don’t wear my device while sleeping (still creeped out by that) but I do log my sleep in.  And I know (and tout) that sleep is at the top of the wellness pyramid and I was surprised when the average amount of sleep I was getting was less than 7 hours a night.  So, I found myself going to bed a little earlier to edge that average up and some nights enjoy a full 8 hours of shut eye.  My new average is 7 hrs. and 35 minutes.   I’m shooting for 8 hours average.  And it’s improving every area of my life!

I Drink More Water.

For some reason, I have always struggled with drinking enough water.  I bought an infuser to help make it tasty.  (Trust me, infusing your water with things like watermelon, cucumber, lime or raspberry are amazing ways to spruce up the taste and get hydrated.)  My goal is to add in at least an additional 10 oz per week until I hit my goal.  But already, I’m enjoying clearer skin and less fog brain!

I Move More During My Work Day.

I know.  I’m the professional who tells others to get up and take breaks.  And though I alternate between sitting and standing throughout my day and I do take breaks.  The break can easily be something like me moving from sitting at my desk to lying on the couch!  So, when my wrist vibrates and I look and it says, “How about getting 250 steps in now? and I can see on my dashboard, how many steps per hour I take over the course of the work day, I find myself doing it!

I Am Paying Even More Attention To What I Eat.

I have been a Vegan for 10 years and on most days, start my day with a green juice or smoothie.  But like everyone else, I can sneak in those cookies, desserts and processed foods.  The App has a food tracker and calorie counter which also breaks down the nutritional content.  So I’ve been much more conscious of my food choices, eating a more balanced diet with a lot more raw and cooked veggies, fruit, proteins.  It’s also inspired to cook more since I have more control over what I am putting into my body.

I lost 2 Lbs.

A byproduct of all of this healthy living is that I lost 2 pounds.  (Only 8 more to go!)  And I’ve done this without feeling deprived or really thinking about it too much.  In fact, this feels easy and very empowering!

So, Which Wearables Are Best?

Great question!  There are of course many wearables out there and I happen to be using a Fitbit Alta.  However, we were contacted by a product reviewing company just this week who just completed a complete review of Fitness Trackers.  They did a great job and it may help you pick yours out.  Check it out HERE.

So, yes, I went from being skeptical to wanting to desperately please my Fitbit and get a little giddy, when I get my weekly stats and badges.  Go figure!

Now it’s your turn.

What’s your success story?  Do you have a favorite wearable?  If so, which one?  And what do you love about it?

Please share your experience with us in the comments!

Until the next time!





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