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Welcome to your trial demo of PBE’s Ergo-Me Ergo Self-Assessment, Training and Wellness Platform!  We are delighted that you are giving this a test run and have set up this page to help you navigate the site, introduce you to the back end and give you the best demo experience possible. If have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime by clicking HERE.

Accessing Your Demo Portal

How to Login to the Ergo-Me Site

How Do I Access My Demo Site?

Accessing your demo site is easy as 1…2….3!

  1. Click HERE to access the site.
  2. Register as a new user, using your e-mail address.
  3. Browse all of the sections, take a self assessment, enjoy some videos and check out some of our productivity hacks!
  4. Your demo is good until 8/31/18 and good for up to 10 testers.

What employees can do on the site

What Can My Employees Do On the Site?

The site is designed to be multi-faceted.  Employees can enjoy the self help features, take a self assessment, be directed to the site post ergo eval and have everyday resources at their finger tips.  Here is a list of what they can do.

  • Take a Self Assessment
  • View Set Up Guidelines
  • Watch Videos (Ergo Essentials, Everyday Stretches, Yoga Exercises & Healthy Lifestyle Tips)
  • WorkWell Tips (Ergo, Productivity, Wellness)
  • FAQ’s
  • Request Further Help
Back End Functionality

Summary Report Process

What happens after an employee completes their summary report?

  • Upon completion, employee will receive an email with summary report and instructions
  • You will receive a copy of the summary report (this is optional and customizable)
  • You will also receive a copy of your Master Ordering Sheet which records recommended equipment only (this is also optional and customizable)
  • When site is live, employee managers can  also receive a copy of the report

Accessing your database

How Do I Access My Data?

Great news!  All of the following data is available at your fingertips, 24/7.

  • Self Assessment (Reports & Metrics)
  • Follow Up Surveys (Reports & Metrics)
  • Schedule Eval Requests

Accessing it is very easy.

  1. Click HERE to access the database.
  2. User Name:
  3. Password: HillErgo1

Here are two links two help you get around in the database


Charts & Analytics

Tracking Equipment Recommendations

How Do I Track Equipment Recommendations?

Easy access to equipment recommendations is an important part of the management of the self assessments.  We have prepared a Master Ordering Sheet (MOS) which will come to you via e-mail after an employee completes a self assessment.

HERE is a sample of the MOS.   Please note, we can organize this and customize this for you during the build out.

Follow up survey

How Do I Follow Up with Employees After Their Self Assessment?

30 days after an employee completes their self assessment, the system sends them a follow up survey to ask a few simple questions to measure the efficacy of the program as well as address any further need for help. (We can add in more questions during the build out phase.)

  • Was the evaluation helpful?
  • Are pain levels same, better or worse?
  • Did employee receive their recommended ergo equipment?  (If not, what is outstanding?)
  • Does the employee need any further assistance?


If there is an issue, the system can send an “Ergo Alert” message to you and your team members.

Eval Schedule Request Form

What happens if An Employee Needs Additional Help?

We’ve got you covered.  There is a section on the site which allows employees to fill out a Schedule Request Form to let you and your team know that help is needed.    Please note that we can configure this to alert the appropriate team member to schedule.

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