How To Have Great Posture In the Lab

Anyone who works in a lab, fab, clean room or production area knows first hand just how taxing that work can be on the body.  And the biggest challenge in the lab is posture!


Many lab set ups are notoriously awkward, the work is repetitive and more often than not, you can find yourself in some pretty funky postures.  Over time, you can really feel the effects, and not in a good way!

But there’s good news! Below are some simple guidelines to help you maintain good posture!

 Set Up Guidelines

  1. Work Height
    • Precision Work = slightly above elbow height
    • Light Work = slightly below elbow height
    • Heavy Work = approx. 6” lower than elbow height
  2. If you sit while you work, make sure there is clearance for your legs. (Try removing drawer, doors, clearing clutter in cut out area, etc.)
  3. Adjust your seat height, backrest and foot ring for optimal support.
  4. Set up your work as close to you as possible.
  5. Store heavy equipment on low shelves or on the floor.
  6. Choose ergonomic equipment whenever possible to minimize your grip and force.

Posture Perfect

  1. Align your ears over your shoulders
  2. Shoulders over your elbows (keep elbows close to your sides)
  3. Elbows over hips
  4. If you stand . .  hips over your knees
  5. Stand on an anti-fatigue mat if possible and alternate between standing on both feet by putting one foot up on a foot rest, stool or open cabinet. Remember to switch feet every so often. This will help reduce fatigue in your back and legs.

More Lab Tips!

Until the Next Time!

Vivienne & Andrew

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