How To Avoid Tech Neck

I don’t know about you, but I love my devices.  In fact, I’d be pretty lost without my laptop and phone and to a lesser degree, my iPad.  I rely on them for work, play, exercise, travel, research, finding my car, looking up subway directions, texting my friends to tell them I’m running late, finding yummy vegan-friendly places to eat, zoning out and a zillion other things.

So What’s the Problem?

Well, if you are not careful, you could wind up like so many of us with a big case of tech neck.  Tech What !?!?!??!

Tech Neck, which, when I googled it, came up with a whopping 101,000,000 results!  In short, your head and neck follow your line of vision.  So if you are looking down at your laptop, phone or tablet, chances are your neck will bend forward and down, your shoulders will round and take the upper back along for the journey.

And that can translate into – literally – a pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back.  It can also negatively affect your breathing, your mood and overall well-being.

So How Do You Fix Tech Neck?

The best strategy is to avoid it in the first place.  And that can be done by changing the way you use your devices, using simple and inexpensive holders, or both.


  1. If you work with your laptop at your desk, simply raise it up on a laptop riser and use an external keyboard and mouse.  Or….use and external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  2. If you use your laptop on the road, my favorite set up is to use a portable Roost Laptop Riser along with an external keyboard and mouse.  I guarantee people will come up to you and ask where they can get one!
  3. If opt to use your laptop on your lap (preferably using a lap desk) try tilting the screen as far back as it will go in order to have a better view of your screen without bending your neck forward.

Tablets and Phones

  1. If you hold your tablets and phone, try raising the screen so you minimize the need to look down.
  2. There are a few gadgets which can help you prop up your phone or your tablet to keep your posture upright and balanced.  Check these out!

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 

Pop Socket Collapsable Grips for Tablets and Phones

OMotion Adjustable Phone and Tablet Stand

Last But Not Least

Be kind to your neck and shoulders and take frequent stretch breaks.  Try the stretch below to give some relief to your tech neck.

Until the Next time!



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