Is Your Home Entertainment Ergo Friendly?

Ragazza che lavora col computer a casa

Ahhhhh.  Work is done and now it’s time to play.  Maybe it’s time to watch a movie on your big screen TV, your laptop, your iPad oreven your phone.   Or maybe it’s time to zone out on Candy Crush, or see what your friends are up to on Facebook and Instagram.  Whatever it is, the big question is…..

Are you putting you at risk for an ergonomic injury at home?

The truth is, we are now on our devices on our off time and it is really important to consider the following factors as you watch your movies, play your games and chat with your friends.   Just because you are home and off the clock, doesn’t mean that your body isn’t vulnerable to aches and pains due to problematic postures and poor set ups.  Here are some tips to keep you in tip top shape while having fun.

When watching online videos, TV shows and movies….
  1. Prop up your laptops, tablets or phone so that you can keep your head upright and balanced.  If you are bending your head and neck forward, you are putting yourself at risk for sore and tight muscles.
  2. Sit in a chair or on a couch that offers some support to your lower back.
  3. Rear View Of Couple Sitting On Sofa Watching TV TogetherIf you like to watch movies on TV or home entertainment center, make sure you are sitting directly in front of your TV screen (make sure your head isn’t rotated to the left or right) and that your screen is at eye level so that you don’t have to strain to look up or down at your screen.
When going on to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other online recreational site ….
  1. UsingMind your posture and set up if you are using your laptop or home computer.
  2. If you are using your iPad, tablet or phone, limit your typing since prolonged typing (more than 10 – 15 minutes at a time) can be strenuous to your hands, wrists, arms and neck (looking down at your screen).
  3. Use key commands whenever and where ever possible to reduce your mouse use.
When gaming…..
  1. Portrait of handsome man holding joystick for video games againsPay attention to your posture and set up.
  2. Keep track of time since it is easy to get sucked into your game and play “just one more”  or “a little longer” and before you know it hours have gone by.
  3. Whatch your grip force on the mouse, gaming controls and “firing” keys on keyboard.  More force does not tranlate into more speed or greater aim.  It just tires you out.
For all other fun (including devices, crafts and sports)….

Keep good ergonomic principals in mind.  Not only will you avoid straining your body, but you’d be able to do what you like to do for longer periods of time without straining your body.

Now it’s your turn.  Jump into the comments and let us know how you stay energized and pain free when using your devices on your off hours.

Until the next time!

4577Vivienne & Andrew


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