Ok, so let’s face it.  Ergonomics is not sexy.  It just isn’t.  It’s often technical and promotes concepts like human factors and maximizing productivity.  It advocates things like sitting ergonomically correct  and adhering to the 90 degree rule.  

Take a look at a standard definition of ergonomics:

Case in Point!

Now, this is not to say that ergonomics is not incredibly important and truly amazing.  The results of sound ergonomic solutions may have enormous impact ranging from improving someone’s quality of life to a company’s bottom line.  But when and how did ergonomics lose it’s luster?  When did it become boring?  Eliciting audible groans as another back safety video differentiates between the cervical spine and the lumbar region?  Worse yet, ergonomics has become a marketing buzzword, used to sell products from toothbrushes to beds and everything in between!

So how is it possible in this day and age that many companies still don’t know what ergonomics is?

Check out this conversation (which really occurred):

“Hi!  I’d like to speak with the person who handles your on-site ergonomics program.”

“Our ErgoWHAT!?!?”

“You know, ergonomics?  Strategies and solutions to help stave off things like carpal tunnel, tendinitis, neck and back pain.  Making sure that your employees all are working comfortably and stay injury free on the job.”

(Silence.  And then finally…)

“Oh honey, you stumped me!”

Even more shocking than the number of companies without an ergonomic program is the number of us who accept as commonplace, our daily aches and pains in this go-go-go, multi-tasking, multi-device world of ours.  Maybe we have accepted that suffering with discomfort at work is the new normal.  Or maybe we simply don’t know what to do to feel better.  Or maybe we do, but are just “too busy” or say “I know I should, but…”

Think about it.  Here it is, 3:00 in the afternoon and there you go slouching in your chair again.  Is this because your monitor is too low, so you have to crouch down to see it?   And then support your head?  Or are you tired  because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep?  Are you seeking relief from an aching back?  Did you just eat a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake and now you are in a post food slump?  Whatever the reason, the answers are simple though sometimes multi-faceted.

Our goal is to put the sexy back into ergonomics by combining it with fitness, nutrition, stress management and anything else that helps you to thrive day-to-day!   Our mission is to help you take charge of your body and life (both on and off the job).   And while the word ergonomics is not all that sexy, being radiant, happy, energized and successful is!

So it is with great honor and pride that we launch this blog site.  Our goal is to create a community as passionate about health and wellness as we are and to foster real conversations about what is working and not working out there.  We created this blog  as a place to seek advice, share stories and get real answers.  Answers that work!  Whether you are an end user (which we all are), someone in charge of a health and safety program at a company or a health care provider, we plan to have something for all of you.  In turn, we invite you to share your viewpoints with us!

So, here’s to getting fit, feeling good and working safe.

Welcome aboard!

Vivienne & Andrew, Co-Founders of Performance Based Ergonomics









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