ErgoChats: All Eyes on Ergonomics (Part Two)

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In today’s world of computer monitors (single, multiple and monster sized) as well as our tablets, phones and even TV’s, we are bombarded with screens everywhere! But how is this affecting your eyes? And in turn, how does your vision (or lack of) affect your ability to see all of these screens? What is the best way to set your self up to avoid sitting with a banana-spine, craning your neck forward and leaving work with eyestrain, headaches and a sore back? Find out through today’s interview with Dr. Paul Bommarito who will help you learn how to manage all of your screens and more!

Today’s special guest is Dr. Paul Bommarito, O.D.,C.I.E. Dr. Bommarito is an optometrist specializing in occupational vision as well as a certified industrial ergonomist. He is a veteran with 35 years of private practice and numerous articles on vision ergonomics behind him. He is also the former Director of Eye Safety and Computer Vision Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He currently consultants at NASA Ames Health Unit, specifically for Eye Safety and Computer Vision Programs. Dr. Bommarito was voted as “Ergonomist of the year 2009 by the San Francisco Bay Area Ergonomic Round Table (BAER).

Watch now to learn how to avoid eyestrain, dry eyes and headaches as well as how to get the right prescriptions from your eye doctor.

(For additional information about Dr. Bommarrito and his products that promote healthy posture and vision while using computers and mobile devices, visit

Do you struggle with your eyes at work? That could mean lighting, glare, eye strain, craning forward to see and slouching in order to see your screens.

Leave a comment and let us know what helps you and your eyes. Remember, sharing your experience helps all of us!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next month’s ErgoChat!

Until the next time, be happy, energized and productive!


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