Ergo Expo 2019 – Our Favorite Finds

Last week, Andrew and I had the pleasure of presenting at The Annual Ergo Expo Conference in Las Vegas.   Aside from the 115-degree heat (Vegas in August is not for the faint of heart!), it was a great experience and one that we found rather inspiring.

The speaker line up was terrific, as were the presentation topics which ranged from vision ergonomics and how to best service employees who work from home to applying sports principals to an ergonomics program and of course, How to Successfully Scale Your Ergonomics Program (that was our talk).

The exhibit hall, while a bit smaller this year than last, had some new and noteworthy things to take note of.  Here are our top picks for this year:

Bakker Elkuizen

There were several exciting products they had at their booth, but the 3 products that caught our attention were:


  1. Sit/Stand Desks (office desks as well as honeycomb tables that can be used to create small and large desk areas) which work in tandem with their innovative software (#2).
  2. Work & Move Software that helps you remember to change from sitting to standing throughout the day.  It not only reminds you, but interfaces with the sit/stand desk and actually can move the desk from standing to sitting positions!
  3. Ultra Stand:  What’s better than a laptop riser that raises your laptop monitor to a more comfortable viewing position?  A laptop riser that attaches to the back of your laptop so you can’t ever forget it!

RFM Seating

We have known about RFM seating for a while now (I sit in one at my office) – but the two things that we fell in love with are:

  1. The Carmel Series:  What makes this chair unique is the lumbar and thoracic support for the back.  The pear-shaped back allows you to sit with upright posture and have full mobility of the arms (your elbows don’t hit the back of the chair due to the cut-aways).  This is especially important to have when you are typing and mousing so that you can easily make whole hand and arm movements.
  2. 01A Fold Down Arm Rests:  These are awesome armrests that adjust up, down, side-to-side and also can fold down to get out of the way entirely.

The Office Shade

Now that so many offices have moved to open seating, protecting yourself from glare on your screen is trickier than ever.   Strategically placed, The Office Shade provides a creative and effective solution for blocking unwanted glare as well as blocking drafts.  They are cool looking and because they are on an adjustable arm, they can be a great asset for open floor plans as well as for assigned desks.

Movi Work Space

While this product wasn’t officially in the Exhibit Hall, we had a wonderful time meeting the founder of Movi Work Space and the designer of the Movi Sit-Stand Desk.  There were many fabulous sit/stand desk-mounts on display at the show, but this desk turned our heads due to its roomy surface (4X more space than traditional desk-mounts), it’s 24 height settings, it’s sleek design and its innovative power strip that is integrated into the desk design.  To boot, the desk is also smart and can be programmed to remind you to switch it up between sitting and standing throughout your day.

If you have some favorite ergo items that you came across at Ergo Expo (or just have some favorites that you want to share), please share them in the comments!

Until the next time!

Vivienne & Andrew


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