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Working From Home (WFH): The Toll On Our Backs

An informative article about the negative impact WFH has on our backs, and how to best combat it!

Protect Your Back
A useful guide to protecting your back and preventing injury!

WFH Survival Guide
How to survive the obstacles associated with working from home.


Work From Home Ergo Tips

Keeping it safe and ergo friendly in your home (however it may look)!

Work From Home Equipment Guide
What do you have? What do you need? Either way, learn to make it work for you.

Health & Wellness Resources
Useful resources & insightful tips to keep you safe and well.

Home Schooling: Ergo Tips For Children

A simple & important guide to helping your kids stay safe while homeschooling!

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Zoom Fatigue
Finding yourself in a sea of video conferences?  Let us help you stay balanced.

Neck Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Forward Dive

Glute Stretch

Sit/Stand Desks
Establishing healthy postural habits at your sit/stand station!



Sitting Pretty (Healthy Setup)

How to be posturally aligned, and feel good at your seated desk.

Posture Perfect Checklist

A cheatsheet to help set yourself up for comfort and success!

Less Stress Checklist

Your personal checklist reminder to keep you stress-less, even on your busiest days!



Mac Key Commands

Key commands / shortcuts for Mac users! (Do less, accomplish more!)

Productivity Hacks

PC Key Commands

Key commands / shortcuts for PC users!  (Do less, accomplish more!)

Suddenly WFH?  Here’s How to Make It Work
Is working from home something new to you?  Are you adapting to these changes to the best of your ability, but still have questions?  This article is for you!


Video Conference Do’s and Don’ts
How to make the most of your video conferences.


How to Work with a Dog in Your Lap
Working with a buddy?  Here’s how to safely make it happen.  


Our most FAQs about working from home.


Ergo Tips For Your Children While They Home School

If you’ve found yourself suddenly homeschooling your children, you may now realize how BAD their setup is!  Here are some tips to help remedy that and keep them feeling good!


How to Avoid Zoom (Video) Fatigue
Overbooked and feeling the burn out?  Here’s how to avoid that, going forward.


Just How Many Monitors Do You Need?
Working on a setup for yourself at your WFH or office workstation?  This is a big question – and we’ve got some answers for you!


Lighting Hacks to Avoid Eyestrain and Headaches
Bad lighting can cause some serious strain on your eyes (and brain!)  Here are some lighting hacks to help you avoid it.


Productivity Hacks that Will Change Your Life
Looking to accomplish as much as you can with your day?  Here are some seriously helpful hacks to keep you on task, and crushing your goals! 


Mindful Ergonomics
Great ergonomics won’t rely solely on your posture – but also your awareness of how you’re feeling!  Here are some wonderful pointers to help you become more self aware!


Key Commands for Gmail
We all need shortcuts to make life easier, save time and create less unnecessary strain on the hands!  Here are your key commands for Gmail to help you do just that!


5 Simple Ways to Be More Productive and Less Stressed
Need we say more?


To Sit or Stand?  

That IS the question!  Let’s look at what might be the best scenario for you!


4 Surprising Reasons You May be Slouching
Slouching is an easy position to find yourself in!  PBE examines why you might be slouching, so you can get back upright!





Ergonomic equipment doesn’t always have to be fancy or store bought. The goal is to make you feel supported, comfortable and adaptable to your ever-changing needs.  Here are some tools to help you get there!:


Choosing the Right Chair

It’s not so easy getting comfortable if you don’t have the right place to sit!  Let us help you decide.

Choosing the Right Keyboard

Don’t strain your fingers, pounding away on the wrong keyboard!  Pick the one that best suits your hands.

Choosing the Right Mouse

Your wrists, hands and fingers’ needs are unique to you.  Let us help you make the right decision for your body!

WFH Equipment Guide

Low cost, work from home solutions.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Office?

Here are some guidelines to help you decide what works best for you!

Set Yourself Up For Success in Less Than 60 Seconds

A guide to get yourself ready to work, in a flash.  Ready?!

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But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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