Confessions of A Time Optimist

After years of struggling with time management, never ending over blown to-do lists and always feeling like I was racing against the clock, I finally figured it out.  I am (was) a pathological time optimist.  Truly believing that I could multi-task my way to squeezing as many things as humanely possible into the day (and never really succeeding at it) and burning myself out big time in the process.

After some serious health issues that resulted from the non-stop stress that was mostly self induced, I decided to change my ways. In short, I learned how to be realistic about how long things take, then I prioritize the things I need to do and finally, I have curbed my addiction to multi-tasking!

If you relate to any of what I am saying, please take 2 minutes (ok, 2 minutes and 11 seconds) to watch this video and get more done with less stress.  (Who knew that was possible!?!?!  But trust me, it is!)


Until the next time!



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