All the phases of your ergo buildout,
now at your fingertips.

Neck Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Forward Dive

Glute Stretch

Sit/Stand Desks
Establishing healthy postural habits at your sit/stand station!



Sitting Pretty (Healthy Setup)

How to be posturally aligned, and feel good at your seated desk.

Posture Perfect Checklist

A cheatsheet to help set yourself up for comfort and success!


Posture Check

Don’t let this be you! A fun share for your colleagues 🙂


4 Surprising Reasons You May be Slouching
Slouching is an easy position to find yourself in!  PBE examines why you might be slouching, so you can get back upright!

At PBE, We Are Passionate About Ergonomics. We Are Equally Passionate About Wellness.
But We Are Most Passionate About YOU!

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