Are You Exercising During COVID?

If you are anything like me, when COVID first hit, exercise dropped to the bottom of my priority list, while the world as I knew it came crashing down.  Other concerns like….

OMG what’s happening?  Where do I get a mask?  I can’t find any alcohol, sanitizing wipes or toilet paper at the store!

Where do I find gloves?  How many cans of beans can fit in my pantry?

What’s going to happen with work? 

Is is safe to stay in NYC?  Should we get out of the city?

…. were top of mind.

On top of that, my go to quarantine diet was as carb-loaded as it got.  I found myself turning to comfort foods that were high in calories and low on the fresh fruits and veggies.

Exercise came to a standstill.

I mean,  I had our dog to walk a few times a day, but he’s almost 15 years old so, it’s hard to really call that a walk.  More like stand around while Bo sniffs around and takes a few steps.  So, I began to gain the COVID-19 and I didn’t like it one bit.  I felt sluggish, my clothes felt tight and my energy levels dropped to an all-time low.  Not good.

Thankfully, one day I got a text from my friend and at 6:15, she told me that she had already worked out, showered, felt great, and was ready to take on the day.


But that was enough to give me the push I needed.

I joined her the next day and have since moved the workouts to 7 am – but it was an amazing and important turning point in my health, my strength, and my ability to cope.  3 days a week, 45-minute sessions, and what was impossible to do 3 months ago – feel good to do.  Don’t get me wrong, working out is never easy, ever.  But the payoff is worth every drop of sweat during the workouts.

I am about to up my workouts to 4 days a week and the goal is next month to move to 5 days a week.

Here is what I am experiencing since working out:

  1. More energy during the day
  2. Much more focus at work
  3. I am sleeping better
  4. I am less stressed out
  5. I feel stronger
  6. My clothes fit again!  (Hurray!)
  7. My posture improved
  8. I drink more water
  9. I am back to eating a clean healthy diet
  10. I feel mentally stronger

So, what will it take to give you that same push to get your body in motion?

Drop a comment to let me know how you are doing with your exercise and what your exercise of choice is!










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