5 Questions To Ask Before Getting a Sit/Stand Desk



So, you are thinking about making the switch to a sit/stand desk but not sure which set up is right for you.   Well, now with so many affordable options out there,  it’s easy to get confused and even a bit overwhelmed.  To make things a bit easier, we put together a few questions and guidelines to help you decide which set up is right for you..

5 Questions to Consider Before Switching to a Sit/Stand Set Up

1) What is your budget?  

The prices of sit/stand desks range from free (or almost free if you rig up your own set up) to a several thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line stand alone electric sit/stand desks.  The great news is that there are many really good sit/stand desks that can be purchased in the $300 – $400 dollar range.   Check out the links below for some of our favorite picks.

2) Can you work with your current desk?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to work at a sit/stand desk, you pretty much had to count on removing your existing desk and replacing it with an entire new desk that had the capacity to go up or down via crank or an electric motor.  But now there are several affordable options to work with the current desk that you have which includes:

3) Do plan to sit more, stand more or alternate between sitting and standing?

If you plan to do most of your work standing, then entertaining the option of raising your desk to a fixed standing height is a viable solution.  However, to sit, you’ll need to get yourself a chair that is at a raised height like a lab stool with a foot ring, which is not our favorite position for prolonged sitting.

If you plan to sit more, than you stand, and you prefer that your entire desk be able to be raised up or down, then a crank desk (less expensive) vs. an electric desk can work well.

If you plan to alternate throughout the day (our recommendation) then it’s best to have your chair at standard sitting height and a sit/stand desk that is easy to adjust.

4) Do you need a lot of desk surface to work with?  

If you like to spread out and work with a lot of your desk surface, than you are best off going with a set up with the entire desk can adjust up or down,  or a large surface desk mount like the Varidesk Pro Plus 36″ or 48″  or the Humanscale QuickStand.

5) Do you know your height requirements for a successful set up?

What ever set up you choose, make sure that the height range of your desk goes low & high enough for an ergonomically sound sitting height (keyboard at or slightly below your elbows).

And don’t forget to get a anti-fatigue standing mat to relieve stress on your feet, knees and lower back.  And speaking of lower backs, having a foot rest (or box or platform) nearby to alternate between standing on both of your feet and resting one foot at a time on your footrest to give your lower back a break.  And of course if you really feel tired from standing, well, sit down!

If you have taken the plunge, let us know which sit/stand station you have and what you think of it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.58.08 PMUntil the next time,

Vivienne & Andrew




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