5 Fun Ergo Wins

I’m not gonna lie.   I am a bona fide ergo geek, and yes, I love ergo.

Ergo is the thing that got me back on track after developing debilitating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) all those years ago.

Everyday, we experience the life-changing power of good ergo set-ups, work habits and being body aware.

Somehow, ergo has gotten a bad rap – and often thought of as boring and engineer-ish.   Or as this necessary evil that a company has to provide in order to be compliant. Or the thing to do when it’s too late and the pain has already become a problem.

But ergo is sooooo much more than resolving injuries, workstation set up, and placement of equipment and sitting straight (though it is those things too).

Ergo is cool and dare I say sexy?  It’s about thriving.  And having energy.  And being totally on your game.  It’s about learning how to use your body well, and reduce stress, eat better, sleep better, stand taller, avoid headaches and eyestrain.  It’s about having more energy.  And upping your wellness game and having more confidence.

Ergo is also easier than you think.  Cheaper than you think.  And dare I say fun?

Here are 5 surprising benefits of getting your ergo on.

  1. You Will Breath Easier:  Literally.  Good ergo promotes good posture which in turn promotes better lung capacity. 
  2. Ergo is Easy on the Eyes:  Fact.  People who have a good set up with the positioning of their monitors and screens, good lighting and have healthy work practices, enjoy days that are free of headaches and eyestrain.
  3. You Will Get More Done In Less Time: Another Fact.  Feeling comfortable while working and adopting a healthy break schedule makes you more productive in less time.  And that is a total game changer.
  4. Time Off Work Is More Enjoyable: Of course, while ergonomics is work place focused, leaving work without fatigue, staring, aches or pains has a direct impact in improving your time on and off the job.
  5. Everyone Wins.  Your employer. Your clients  Your friends. Your family.  But the one who wins the most?  YOU!

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