5 Awesome Reasons to Get Into Yoga

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be doing yoga these days.  Hot Yoga.  Iyengar Yoga.  Flow Yoga.  Classes.  Videos.  It’s the thing now.

That’s what I thought until I tried it.   I was a skeptic, but after facing some serious health challenges, I figured, I had nothing to lose and hopefully things to gain.  I still go in and out of practicing and getting myself to class, but recently I returned after a year without yoga.

I forgot how awesome it is.  So, I want to share some reasons why Yoga can improve your life.

5 Awesome Reasons to Get Into Yoga

  1. It’s An Awesome Workout. Seriously.  Yoga works out just about every part of your body without high impact. And best of all there are so many options for whatever level you are at and taken at your own speed. Beginner, advanced and everything in between.   Practicing Yoga at least twice a week will improve your flexibility (you might even touch your toes one day) and will strengthen your muscles, burn calories and make you want to do more yoga!
  2. It Will Ground You. One of the best parts of yoga is that it is calming and very soothing.  While it is a physical activity, there’s a meditative aspect to yoga and for many, it even feels spiritual.  It gets you in touch with your body and your inner self.  I didn’t understand that until I tried it.  They say that there’s yoga on the mat and off the mat and I can tell you from experience that my yoga practice helps to keep me grounded in other aspects of my life.
  3. It Will Improve Your Posture.  From the get go, Yoga poses will help you open your chest, strengthen your back and core and help you realign your skeletal system.  You will at one in the same time increase your spine strength and flexibility.  And best of all, you will start paying more attention to your posture.  So the next time you feel yourself slumping and slouching, you’ll have tools to help you sit and stand taller!
  4. It Will Make You Smarter.  There is a growing body of research that suggests that there are yoga poses that boosts brain power.  Certainly, the affects of less stress, better sleep, improved circulation and a sense of well-being, all by-products of yoga can make you feel more clear-headed.  But one study in particular shows that yoga can help improve memory and cognitive function.
  5. It Will Make You Feel Amazing.  Yoga will make you feel better physically, psychologically, spiritually and give you more energy.  Yoga will also boost your confidence as you feel your stamina improve and experience your body getting stronger.

Here is a simple video that is part of our online ergo and wellness platform (learn more HERE) that you can check out!  In fact, you can do right at your desk!






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