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Want To Feel Less Stressed? Take Your Time

I don’t know about you, but I often feel as though I am racing against the clock.  Between my never ending to-do-list, self imposed as well as very real deadlines, the daily marathon is stressful and I feel as though I’m forever spinning plates! But the other day, I had an amazing epiphany after a ... read more

Oh, Kale Yeah!

Does any else ever wonder when Kale became such a celebrity veggie?  I mean, when I grew up, I never heard of Kale, no less ate it,  juiced it, designed salads around it, made snack chips from it or added it to smoothies.  I’m not sure when Kale became the overnight superstar, viral veggie that it now ... read more

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Elbow Pain

Most of us relate typing discomfort to wrists and arms.  But did you know that the most common injury related to typing, mousing and device use is the elbow? If you think about your anatomy for a moment, it will will start to make sense.  The tendons  and muscles that power  your fingers and wrists ... read more
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